We exist in an era of fast paced change, communication and transformation, yet we cling to outdated

modes of being and pecuniary worth. What is called for is a total revolution in the way we think and

exist, 'Pachakuti' may be a time of reckoning, and once a state of 'Mutatis mutandis' has been

achieved we are able to nurture our potential mass of being.

As a collective humankind is at a turning point in it's evolution, where each moment is a chance for change in how we choose to consume, commune and exist.

How we decide to live our lives should not be based upon the lifestyle associated values sold to us by corporate advertising and marketing departments, but by what we know deep down as inner instinctive truths.

We exist in both space and time as a singularity beyond the event horizon.

So how can we be possibly be defined by non-sustainable paradoxical fiscal modes ?

pecuniary worth    

total revolution


'Mutatis mutandis'. 



event horizon.