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By using sustainable natural organic and recycled fabrics, alongside unconventional construction methods, this enables us to tread more lightly upon the earth, with a clearer conscience. With an emphasis on effortless elegance, timeless style and creative comfort, every garment is individually crafted and made exclusively in Wales, with no two pieces being the same, each item is as truly unique, individual and original as you are. We believe that clothes should primarily be comfortable, and it is as much about how great they feel to wear as about how good they look.

Each item has a history, its fabric, its construction and development, some are transitional pieces which have undergone metamorphosis, some are multi-functional as the garment can be worn in various ways, and some are created from recycled fabrics and materials, reconstructed and deconstructed into a new and original form.

But be warned each item has its own individual personality.


We exist in an era of fast paced change, communication and transformation,

yet we cling to outdated financially pecuniary modes of being, judgement and worth.

They are not fit for purpose, sustainable or nurturing.

What is called for is a total revolution in the way we think and