The Fabric of Design

Deconstructing the Social Weave

      The warp, weft and weave of each of our individual life threads (reflected by the duality of our very existence),

are entwined within our own social structures, cultural identities, historical connections, and ecological environments.

Many a yarn may be told as we string things together and tie ourselves up in knots searching for a golden fleece of

enlightened opportunity, attempting to unwind our self-inflicted problematic parameters, in order to solve the question.

The question being not only Why? How? and Who?, but the eternal ethereal existential query, to which we all wander.


     The ancient maxims encouraging us to 'know thyself' and by taking everything 'in moderation' step into Heraclitus' river and flow through the ages with sage advice for us. From a time when the sacred 'peplos' was worshipped as part of the religious ritual of divine manifestation created by different cults. Amid mysteries of starched Egyptian priests, purified shaven and shrouded in radiant pure white . Penelope twisted time with her weaving undone, Ariadne leading the way by a bound up ball of thread, the fates measuring our puzzle, snipping, cutting and dipping our life thread, while we bounce around in the fabric of time, the universe, and everything....

     Swathed in mystery swaddled and wrapped, layers of time overlapping hang and flap, fleetingly floating, on to our lap.


A prism of colour condensed into one,








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